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Artists Statement

The summers of my youth were spent in Puget Sound, British Columbia, and Alaska. This introduced me to First Nations People, their art, culture, and traditions. I grew up hiking our beautiful coastal mountains and cruising our inland seas. When I was 7, I bought my first knife and tried my hand at carving a mask. The artists and craftsmen I've watched and learned from over the years taught me my art, and helped form my values. They instilled in me the importance of living everyday awake to the possibilities that surround us. Through my art I attempt to reflect the magic and majesty in our world. A little humor and perspective helps balance my views.

Over the years I've met and done work for many famous people, yet my greatest satisfaction comes from those I've just met telling me how much joy my work has given them. Native friends have commissioned pieces for significant occasions like weddings and anniversaries. This is a particular honor for me.

I am thankful that for 37 years I've been making my living doing what I love. The life I've chosen keeps me looking forward and thinking of new ideas and ways to understand our world.

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